Gaurav Singh speaks at the Monaco Crypto Summit about the Future of Cryptocurrency.

Our CEO Gaurav Singh spoke at the Monaco Crypto Summit about the Future of Cryptocurrency. The delegation included influential CEOs and industry leaders, as well as some more traditional institutional investors and family offices looking to allocate funds towards the sector. Gaurav spoke [...]

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Partnership Announcement with EPC contractor Škoda

NICL Investment Partners make first investment in Polish solar PV development. Promoting clean energy in Central Europe... The project and the opportunity... NICL Investment Partners have joined forces with EPC contractor Škoda to develop and build renewable energy power plants in [...]

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Partnership Announcement with Kyoto Protocol receives backing from sustainability focused private equity firm. Evolving the Carbon Credits game for good... More about this partnership... Sustainability-focused private equity firm Northwood Infrastructure Capital is pleased to announce its partnership with in pursuit of innovative carbon negative technology [...]

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How NFTs are Changing Business for Good

How NFTs are changing business for good. Love it or hate it, the introduction of NFT technology has already made its mark on the world of business, and it doesn’t look like it's slowing down. Can we learn to see beyond the pixelated pictures and explore their unrealized potential? [...]

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